5 Things to Think About When Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

Your chosen entertainment can make or break your wedding. There is no shortage of options out there, but with so much to choose from, how can you sort the good from the bad? Here are 5 things to consider to help you narrow down your options and ensure you end up with outstanding entertainment on your Big Day.


DJs play a wider range of songs, can respond quickly to requests on the fly, generally cost less and take up less room than a band. Bands tend to have more ‘personality.’ You may be surprised to know you can have the best of both worlds too. Above & Beyond are pioneers of the popular DJ and live musician ensemble (e.g. DJ with sax and bongos), providing the musical flexibility of a DJ with the crowd engagement of a band at a price point that lies somewhere between the two.


Many couples try to save themselves a few hundred dollars settling for a cheap option, finding out the hard way on the night they’ve made a huge mistake. A good band costs less than 0.05% and a quality DJ less than 0.01% of the average cost of a wedding. For such a negligible amount, surely it’s worth spending the extra few hundred dollars to ensure an unforgettable party!


Check track record and real customer reviews. Don’t just believe slick hype on a website, do your due diligence. It takes skill and experience to confidently and consistently play the right music at the right time and cater to the diverse range of ages and tastes on your guest list.


Does the company keep back up artists on hand in case your DJ/band falls ill or can’t perform at your wedding?

5. ATTENTION TO DETAIL …and attention to YOU!

There’s no second chance with weddings, everything must be perfect on the day. What was your first impression of their customer service? Do you feel like a unique client planning the most important day of your life or just another customer squeezed into a one-size-fits-all box?

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